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on Mon August 6, 2018

Shrewsbury Golf Club News Issue 3

Attached a copy of our latest bimonthly newsletter which is packed with photos from our events this summer alongside a host of articles including:

• Our World Record attempt last week
• Junior Captain Sam Patterson on his year in office
• Some handy tips from John as to how to cope with so much run
• How our greenkeepers have kept the course going in the difficult summer

Finally, do let us have any opinions on this issue and what we should include in future editions.


by Secretary

on Thu July 5, 2018

Important Course Notice

by Secretary

on Mon April 9, 2018

Ludlow Open Scratch Salver on Sunday 8 April 2018

Congratulations to Shrewsbury Golf Club member Nick Evans on winning the Ludlow Open Scratch Salver on Sunday 8 April 2018

After 10mm of heavy rain in the morning the event was reduced to 18 holes which produced a 3-way tie on 2 under par. Nick was joined host club member Harry Lines & Jason Turner from Brighton for the sudden death play-off which Nick won with a birdie 3 at the 3rd extra hole.

Pictured above from the left Nick Evans with the Ludlow Golf Club Captain Mr Alan Reid 


 Pictured below from the left Nick Evans,Harry Lines and Jason Turner


by Secretary

on Thu March 22, 2018

Heart Research UK is Recommending that you Play Golf

The UK’s second largest heart charity, Heart Research UK, has started recommending that people aged 65 or older should play golf in order to reduce their chances of developing heart disease.

In an email sent to its database about how the elderly can improve their heart health, the organisation recommends exercise, and specifically golf, which can improve weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

“Do what you enjoy and start small,” it states.

“Increments of 10 minutes of activity are all you need to kick-start your active lifestyle. Make your 10 minute sessions add up to 30 minutes a day at least five days per week to make a real difference to your heart health. Exercise can be anything that makes your heart beat faster, your body slightly warm and breathing quicker.

“Golf can be a great benefit to your health in later years and can add some serious foot mileage into your week.

“You may find other benefits of regular golf too, such as a reduced waist size, weight loss and improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”


 Last year the walking benefits of playing an 18-hole round at least once a week was investigated by the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC) at Sheffield Hallam University, which found that people who play the game regularly are 30 per cent less likely to experience coronary heart disease than those who don’t.

And in 2016 several employees of BT gave a ringing endorsement to golf after the company funded an event for them thanks to a British Heart Foundation newsletter.

The charity’s health-for-work newsletter promoted golf, and the work of the ‘Get into golf’ campaign, as an activity due to its physical and mental wellbeing benefits. Staff at telecommunications giant BT saw the email, and concluded that golf seemed perfect for BT’s ‘Fit for Life’ programme, designed to help BT employees become healthy and active, raise money for charity and help in the community, and decided to therefore offer the sport to its employees in the north east.

“A round of golf can involve walking up to five miles and burning around 900 calories. Golf also helps you relax, reduces stress and encourages you to spend time with friends out in the fresh air,” said BT senior nursing advisor Jo Jenkins

“Worldwide, the number of people aged 65 or older is projected to grow from an estimated 524 million in 2010 to nearly 1.5 billion in 2050, which unfortunately is bringing about a growing number of preventable diseases and physical disability,” adds Heart Research UK.

“While you can’t do anything about growing old, you can do things to reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

“Moderate physical activity such as brisk walking can significantly reduce the risk of death. Add to your golden years with recreation that is fun and heart healthy and enjoy an old age filled with good health and vitality that’s free from disability and heart disease.”

by Secretary

on Mon March 5, 2018

Playing Partnership with Bridgnorth and Lilleshall Hall Golf Club



Pictured above from the left are the Club Chairman, Iain Gilmour, Will Schofield Lilleshall Hall GC and John Sollars Bridgnorth GC.

The Management Committee has agreed that Shrewsbury Golf Club will enter into a ‘Playing Partnership’ with Bridgnorth and Lilleshall Hall Golf Clubs. The arrangement, which runs for a trial year from 1st April 2018, will allow members of the three clubs to play occasional casual golf, free of charge, at each other’s courses.

We are delighted to be able to offer members the opportunity to visit Lilleshall and Bridgnorth as part of the current membership package, and we hope they will enjoy the courses and facilities both clubs have to offer.

The move has been made after consultation with a number of groups of members and reflects a growing trend for clubs to work together to give golfers a wider golf experience.

Lilleshall and Bridgnorth are both within 30 minutes drive and just 25 miles away from Condover. They are well run, well presented courses, which, like ours, provide a good golfing challenge.

The package will be limited to groups of no more than eight golfers at a time, must be booked in advance and visitors will need to sign in with the relevant club professionals. Membership will be checked against a membership card.

Members from Shrewsbury will also be able to play in the other club’s Open Competitions and some other special competitions, paying members’ rates, but they will not be entitled to play in club competitions.

There will also be a daily limit of numbers visiting each club and the package cannot be used as part of Society Bookings or Captain’s ’Away Days’.
The offer will be available to full, seven day members, Young Adult and category 2 and 3 Youth Members. It will not be available to Lifestyle or 3-Month Members.

All three clubs are members’ clubs, offering a similar package to a roughly similar membership profile, so they are a good fit and from early discussions it was clear we have likeminded views.

We do not have any plans to open this up to other clubs in other parts of the County and will strive to maintain the close relationships and reciprocal relationships we already have with Llanymynech, Ludlow, Henlle, Llangollen and South Staffs.

We hope members will see this as an extra add-on benefit, coming at no extra cost to their existing package. There will of course be occasions when our course is closed and vice-versa and we hope that this relationship will allow members to play golf elsewhere when such a situation arises. In addition, our casual golfers should also be able to play golf at Lilleshall or Bridgnorth on occasions when competitions at our own club prevent them from getting on their own course.

Our Secretary Tony Rowe will act as our liaison officer to monitor how this playing partnership unfolds and we do not expect any course to get more than its fair share of visitors.

As part of the friendly arrangement, and to cement the partnership, the three clubs will plan to play in an annual mixed tri-match.

Les Lewis Captain, Iain Gilmour Chairman

Pictured aboved the are the club delegates from the three clubs which made this exciting partnership possible.

John Cresswell Lilleshall GC President, Iain Gilmour, Will Schofield Lilleshall Hall GC Chairman, John Sollars Bridgnorth GC Chairman, Les Lewis and Phil Kay Bridgnorth GC Secretary

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